Website made through WordPress is ranked higher by the search engines. Therefore it becomes important to develop right through WordPress.  WordPress website forms about 30% of all the website made.


WordPress website by Webursite Technologies...

Webursite Technologies mainly (about 90% of the website) uses WordPress for making the websites. The reason is simple and stated at almost every corner i.e. the love by search engines.
WordPress is one of the highly used CMS (Content Management System) for making highly interactive, affordable, accessible and navigable website. WordPress websites is developed by Webursite Technologies.

90% of the website made by Webursite Technologies is through WordPress, and you know why?

  • Google loves WordPress Websites. Website made with WordPress is updated more frequently, and the content in it tends to be structured well. This makes WordPress website rank higher as compared to other backed software websites. Webursite Technologies recommends everyone to build their website on WordPress only. Even Google itself has recommended using of WordPress for business websites. (You can find the video on YouTube.)
  • About 27% of the total website in the web world is made through WordPress. This is a major achievement. So, Webursite Technologies emphasis more on making the website through WordPress only.
  • S.E.O is done in a very effective way. The code behind WordPress website is very clean, making it easy for the search engines to read and index the site content very quickly. In addition, each page, post and content placement is done in so clean manner that it gets accepted by the search engine and thereby enabling the rank of the website even more higher.
  • Highly Secured. No software is completely hack proof. But, WordPress is known for being secured. With the capabilities of Webursite Technologies for additional knowledge and expertise in security, the WordPress website made through Webursite Technologies are much secured.
  • Easily Problem Solved. WordPress website being used so largely is itself a big help. There are thousands of people and developers (even Webursite Technologies) to help you through the WordPress websites. You can also find a lot of content and videos spreading the knowledge about WordPress.
  • Fast Loading Speed. WordPress leads most of the software in faster loading speed. This keeps the visitor less irritated and increases the per user average time spending on your website.