Choose a plan (not all) at Webursite Tech and get free e-mail marketing. The e-mail marketing starts from 500 emails and goes up as per the plan you choose. You have an option to select the location you want to consider for your marketing purpose.
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E-mail Marketing at Webursite Technologies...


What does e-mail marketing involves???

Once your website is ready, its time to Promote through sending E-mails. Webursite Technologies specializes in Business Promotion through E-Mail marketing. E-mails are send to all your prospective clients who would be interested in knowing your product and buying it. The e-mails send are read by the recipients, interested recipients will follow the website link in the e-mail and come to your website to know more about your product. In case if the interest is too high, congratulations you got an inquiry and possible customer as well.

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Free E-mail Marketing??

Webursite Technologies charges for the service of e-mail marketing. But for those who has made website with us, we give them free support and service (limited) for e-mail marketing. Depending upon the plan for the web development you choose, we provide you with the e-mail ids which would be beneficial for you to send emails to the prospective buyers. We will also write up the introductory content  for your company; you can use this content to send emails to the email ids provided to you.

E-mail marketing is free upto certain number of email id's depending upon the plan.
Firstly, the client eligible for the free offer needs to select the product and location he needs to cover for email marketing. For instance, client is interested in exporting the shirts produced by him in Europe. He needs to mention the location as Europe, and product as Shirts, and also the person he is interested in selling i.e. e-commerce companies, Manufacturing, wholesaler etc.

Thereafter, Webursite Technologies will provide E-mail ids to the client for the email marketing purpose which will be used to send email from his e-mail i'd daily, about 20-30 emails each day

In case if the client is interested in making a introductory mail, then we welcome you. Inform us and we will make the content and e-mail you for demo purpose.

Free e-mail i'd for plans:

1) Basic Plan: upto 250 e-mail i'd selecting one location and one prospect buyer.

2) Advance Plan: 500 e-mail i'd with option to select two prospect buyer and only one location.

3) Pro Plan: 1500 e-mail i'd with two location and multiple prospect buyer.

In case if you are satisfied with the e-mails and they are giving you inquiries and clicks on the website, you can always contact Webursite Technologies for promoting your business through e-mail marketing.