We can make a website as low as Rs. 2,000/- This adjusts to affordability of our customers. Webursite Technologies provides website making plans which are as flexible for every budget.


Making Website as low as Rs. 2,000/-

Webursite Technologies can help make website with cost being to the client as low as Rs. 2,000/-.

Basically, Webursite Technologies operates with multiple plans for Website design & development which ranges from Rs. 4,500 and may go even up to Rs, 20,000/- and more depending upon the website specification and requirement.
But it not only offers the website as high as in the range as specified above, but it can even offer the website making charges of only Rs. 2,000/-.

How can I make a website for as low as Rs. 2000/-??

(read carefully the below mentioned details)

1)  The hosting rights & Website rights in this offer is completely with Webursite Technologies.

2) You will have to cut-off your domain charges and make a domain of your wish leading by our domain. i.e. you won’t get website in name: mywebsite.com, but instead your domain would be as follows: www.webursite.com/mywebsite

3) The domain rights mentioned above will be completely with Webursite Technologies.

4) One Page website will only be made with your first page being the most important page.

5) The following features you can incorporate in your first page: content up to 3pages (reasonable content should be kept), contact us form, footer containing your address, contact details and others, other small features as required and reasonable.

6) Webursite Technologies also keeps rights in using footer menu partially or fully in his own name and information.

7) Annual renewal charges as low as Rs. 250/- only.

Yes, the terms mentioned above looks a bit scary and is discouraging. But there is no point in worrying. We are friendly and reasonable with rational  thinking. Making website with Webursite Technologies for as low as only Rs. 2,000/- is an icing on a cake. Where there is some benefit, there should be some limitations.

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