Every website needs a hosting and domain. We have a plan that gives hosting at as low as Rs. 1000/- per annum.

Domain Charges is usually anywhere between Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1500/- and depends upon the domain name and the company providing it. However, to make your website go live on internet, along with domain, a Hosting space is compulsary. The hosting space charges depends upon the size of the website. With the very basic plan, minimun charges for hosting would be about Rs. 1,500/- per annum.

Here at Webursite Technologies, we have a plan of hosting which enable us to provide you the hosting for one year at only Rs. 1,000/- (+) free hosting for the initial year till your domain expires.
Look: It has Disadvantage and necessary to read further...scroll down to "Important to Note" section.


Our Hosting Plan IN DETAIL...

Normally domain and hosting charges after a year goes upto to Rs. 3,000/- per year. So, it would be like making a website for Rs. 4,500/- but doing an expense of Rs. 3,000/- alone for renewal charges for each year, and that's not a deal. Right?

Webursite Technologies has a hosting plan that will charge you hosting of only Rs. 1,000/- (depends upon the size of website) PLUS a free hosting for the initial year till the domain expires. With the domain, hosting is compulsory and charges of hosting are independent of the domain charges. Thus, your charges for renewal automatically increases, but not at Webursite Technologies.

We purchase the domain on your behalf (necessary), and host the website of your domain name with us. However doing that and enabling us to do that, you need to be aware about the following:


  • The hosting plan provided is only applicable if you agree to purchase the domain with the Webursite Technologies Account in the hosting provider GoDaddy.
  • The rights to the domain purchased and website hosted will remain with Webursite Technologies.
  • The rights are transferable by Webursite Technologies to the clients on demand by the customer, however the effects should be discussed by the client with the company. It might lead to Website closure.
  • On transfer, the fee (currently when writing this is Rs. 400/-) applicable will be charged by the hosting company which is to be paid by the client.
  •  On transfer of the domain, it is not the right of the company to reinstate the website. Howevver, it could be done after the applicale charges are paid by the client to the company.
  • The domain rights are with the client and will be transferred on demand. The domain with Webursite Technologies is absolutely safe and it will not impose any rights on the domain owned by the customers.

If there is still any query or doubt and you need any clarity then please contact Webursite Technologies team anytime.