Website development is an art of internal core system optimization in such a way that it suits search engines. Search engine have its own policy in ranking any website. So what does search engine looks for. It looks in a website many things which mainly include the coding done to the website, time taken to load a website, responsive website design, ease of accessing to the visitor and a good backend to the client.
Webursite Technologies will give you all of such solutions which are highlighted below:


We at Webursite Technologies use the software – WordPress in making a website. The software is itself designed in such a way that it takes care of all the requirement of proper coding which is matter of great concern as far as Google Indexing the site is concerned. Webursite Technologies promises to provide creative web design solutions – interactive and innovative.

The websites made are coded in such a way that they become compatible with any web browser (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and can therefore bring in a lot of traffic from these browsers. This results in an increase in the ranking of the website.

1) Speed Optimization

Usability is a major component to a website. Make sure your images are not loading slower on your home page. If it takes more than two seconds for any page on your website to load, you get a 90% bounce rate. Bounce rate can be stated when a visitor clicks your website and immediately leaves. With increasing bounce rate, Google considers it seriously and so drags you website down lower in the ranking.
We at WEBURSITE make your Website load very fast; also make your responsive website quick to load on mobile phones too.

2) Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).
According to a new study, there are 51 million smart phone users in urban India today, an 89% increase from 2012. It’s the time you should seriously think about your website accessibility across smart phones and other gadgets.
In short and sweet words, be it mobile or tablet, WEBURSITES’s website will adjust its content to fit on any size of screen it is accessed on.

3) Good Backend

Right from its inception, WEBURSITE has set a standard for itself as a complete, affordable, and dependable web design and web programming company.
We at WEBURSITE on your website allow you to add, edit or delete certain existing information without approaching us. By using a password protected ‘Admin’ access, you can control the content the entire LIVE website, in real-time. This is where concept of good backend arises. Good backend means easy accessibility to person editing the website live, i.e. you yourself who would have control over to certain contents in website live.

4) Easy to Access Anything

As a complete web development company, we offer customer-oriented web design services which help to easily access your Websites and more importantly, load it quickly. We at WEBURSITE make your Website to achieve an online presence that delivers the very best for you and your clients.
Access to anything easily can only be achieved when customers visiting you website do not have to hunt through what they need. All of the required information and navigations will be available to any person visiting your website and that is the time when your website starts getting traffic.



Webursite Technologies has many developers who know how to hold a visitor for a long time. This is only possible if the website they visit is smooth, easily accessible, easy to use, and many such more elements. So we strive in perfecting the look for any visitor so that they hold on to your website the maximum time they can. This in turn helps in good Google ranking as one of the most important criteria for ranking purpose is the amount of time spend by any consumer.
Have a look at Webursite Technologies work and we are sure you would certainly like it. What we focus on mainly is as below:

1) Attractive Look

Now the internet has grown up, and people expect to see a professional design and a pleasant look. If they go to your website and see bad layout, poor quality images, crowded and overlapping content, or mismatched fonts, they will look down on your organization.
Every website is never more than one mouse-click from being displaced, and there is no way to chase your visitor down and convince him to see past the bad design. Webursite Technologies making is after considering and designing with the unique idea of capturing the imaginations in minds and projecting them on your website with attractive textual and visual contents. Get the extreme Designer Looks for your all web-needs at Webursite Technologies.

2) Good Template

Good Templates for Websites is about flexibility – it’s about relinquishing pixel perfect control of a design’s appearance & concentrating instead in functionality. Webursite Technologies have ready web design templates to choose from variety of designs fitting every budget. For us no project is too small or too big. Be it On-line or Offline, a customer is the most important visitor! We understand our client’s exact requirements and try our best to fit our website designing services into their budgets.
We provide Website Template Customization services. The client can select and buy a standard template from any website providing ready-to-use website templates. Once selected, the clients can suggest the customization and changes he expects us to make.

3) Proper Placements

Instead of thinking about how the website looks one has to think about how it works too – how a user gets around the site, how they find what they want easily, and to ensure that the site is as intuitive as possible and as easy to access as possible is also important.
A user’s expectation about website is pre-understood and the placements are done in such a way that his expectations would be visible on website on the page he is in. This will make his preference for the website even higher and make the person order, buy or inquire something.
Webursite Technologies work in placements and visitors expectation is appreciated by many clients. We understand what visitor needs and at what point of time and accordingly make the required placements so as to increase the site’s visitors.


4) Proper Selection

A well design informative website works like a charm when website is only medium to speak to the customers of your business. If you have unique business goals and you need to attract consumers for your global business, then an interactive professional custom website design will help you to increase your potential customers as well as expose your business with thousands of new consumers.
WEBURSITE has that capability in selection of proper themes and templates which would be in regards to the requirement of such unique features and business. We would be the right persons to whom you can appoint this very responsibility on our hands and can guarantee about our work

Color Combination

Over 90% of Webursite Technologies assessment of a product is made on color alone, so it makes sense that color should be considered with care for every design decision, particularly on websites. Chances are, if we don’t like the color palette, we’re not going to stay on the site for very long. When the color scheme is considered in a web design, the designer would like to use a combination of two or more Colors. When this is the case the colors need to complement each other and be in harmony. There are some combinations that are soothing for the eyes while there are other color combinations that can put off the mind of the visitor. Webursite Technologies have gathered beautiful websites with versatile color schemes you can take inspiration from.

Web Designers, such as those who work at Webursite Technologies, have substantial hardcore experience in this specific field. The color combination selected in any template made by Webursite Technologies is just to be soothing to any eye. So keep an eye on Webursite Technologies for any of your website requirements.