Quick Info for Reference:

  • Project No: #W1
  • Quoted: INR 11,000/-
  • Time Taken: 1Months
  • Website Plan: Advance
  • Domain & Hosting: With Webursite Technologies (Know More)
  • Annual Renewal charges: 2,500/-
    (includes for the cost of domain & hosting which needs to be renewed each year)

Sumer Metal Industries made by Webursite Technologies has a very simple design. The reason for the same is that with simple design, the coding is less and so the space taken is less. This makes the loading time of the website very less and good for the company on Search Engines. The first page of the website itself contains all the info necessary for the visitor making it very accessible to all.


The owner of the company Sumer Metal Industries did not intefere in the work of the Webursite Technologies, he was of the opinion that my website even will less expense to me, should go good on Google. Keeping that in our head, we have made the wesite in such a way that it has less load on it and yet very important information necessary for seach engine to prefer over other.

Want to make similar website? Read ahead...

Have a good look at the website made by us. Go through each page type, there might be several things peculiar to your taste and type i.e. some design which might look better to you.

Now that you know what the website has and what you like in it, you would want to make a site with design almost similar to the one you saw (note that some areas cannot be replicated due to theme specific designs).

Fill in the form describing your requirement giving the reference of design in the website you saw and you want to make. Send us a detailed note of what you want in your website.

We will, as per your specification described, will write to you back mentioning the price of the prospect website and other specification.

Alternatively, you can directly start chatting with us on WhatsApp.