The Concept - Webursite Extractor

Webursite Extractor is software which helps in extracting e-mail ids from many search engines. These e-mail id’s which are extracted from Webursite extractor are useful in doing business promotion through e-mail marketing. Extracting e-mail ids through Webursite Extractor is a very simple task. What is important to learn is how to use the software for business promotion.
Webursite Technologies team will teach you on initial set-up of the software, as how to use the software for its maximum potential use.


Webursite Extractor - Features

  1. Webursite Extractor on purchase is activated on only one computer. You are not allowed to shift the software to another computer. In case of adverse and unavoidable situations let Webursite Technologies decide the solution. CONTACT Webursite Technologies in such case.
  2. Webursite Extractor can extract e-mail ids, phone numbers and URL on the searches of your choice.
  3. The software is very easy to use, one click and the process of finding e-mail ids starts and gives you about an average of 200-300 email ids within 5 min of search.
  4. Through the software, you can find the email ids and phone number listed on any search engines like Google, Bing, MSN, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  5. The software: Webursite Extractor gives additional functionality of excluding the e-mail ids from certain websites, to extract e-mail ids of specific websites and to exclude e-mail ids containing certain expression like [email protected], [email protected], and these words if excluded won’t form the part of your e-mail id searches.
  6. The results arrived can be extracted to the excel file. And thus you get a list of e-mail ids and phone numbers extracted on Webursite Emails at one place. This can be used at once to send bulk e-mails at once.
  7. The e-mail ids and phone numbers extracted are from working websites (90% of the time). It depends upon the keyword you search that the e-mail ids you get will be exactly in relation to your business.
  8. Note that if you have already made website with us, on buying this software (Annual and Lifetime Plan only); you get free analytics on your website. This analytics will show you from the places (location) your website has got click from, and average time per user has spend on your website.

How to use - Webursite Extractor

  1. We will send you the zip file along with the activation code depending upon your plan.

  2. You have to extract the software and click on install.

  3. After installation, just copy the activation code and paste on the registration box which appears right on the face of the software.

  4. Enter keyword on the search tab. This keyword will depend upon the location you wish to cover and the target companies/buyers you want to have. For example, for an automobile spare parts suppliers, Search on Keyword: Auto Manufacturer in Lucknow. E-mail ids in relation to the same city and the same products you sell will appear.

  5. Stop the process when you are satisfied. The process will go on and email ids will keep on getting extracted until you stop.

  6. After you stop the process, extract the email ids to excel.

  7. Prepare the content to be send to the prospective buyer, copy – paste the email ids and send the email on one click.

Know plans and Pricing - Webursite Extractor

Monthly Plan
Rs. 5000/-
For a Month, you will have an opportunity to extract e-mails as per the Limited Initial Guidance provided by Webursite Technologies.
This is the most selected plan for trial level.
However, if you wish to test before buying a bigger plan, do let us know. We have a weeks plan at nominal rate, applicable only for trial.
Quarterly Plan
Rs. 12000/-
In case if your are operating a small business, yet are satisfied with the orders you generate, then this plan is perfect to you.
Many small business take this plan, extract the e-mail id's depending upon the location of marketing and target customers, and those extracted e-mail id's are send by them slowly and in a years time.
After the above, they turn up again to buy the same plan. Well, if you turn up again for the same plan, Webursite Technologies gives you a surprise package for discounted rate.
Annual Plan
Rs. 27500/-
For a very aggressive expansion of business and its marketing, this plan is ideal. People with new business and just formed business activate the plan and advertise their business very heavily.
Very heavy advertisement is done, and business try to generate inquiries and convert into orders. We have heard some making permanent client and sticking to them as they provide a very healthy earning to them.
Selecting this plan has additional benefits, depending upon the business nature. There is also advance guidance on how to operate the software efficiently. Do let us know if you are seriously interested, as we will participate in your business to fare a way better.
Lifetime Access
Rs. 75000/-
Well, a very few have selected this plan. Selected by those who have extensive business operation and are ready to expand their business rigorously.
Those who has experience with this software with the previous plans are the ones operating this software plan.
Obviously, they are advance enough to need us, but Webursite Technologies will get you for a help anytime you need. In case you expect some additional improvement in the software do let us know. We are ready to upgrade as per your business requirements.

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