E-Mail Marketing - What is it?

Email marketing is the process of actively sending email to the email id’s sought from different sources and inviting them and getting them interested in your business. Effective e-mail marketing with proper strategy converts the prospect customers, or readers of the email to the actual client. Once these newly made client like your product and service you provide, they will be your fan and so would be loyal in growing your business at a constant pace.
E-mail Marketing helps in promoting the Business online effectively. Although e-mail marketing being very old technique is still very use full and effective. E-mail marketing is mainly use full for the businesses which are suppliers, exporters, manufacturers and are having innovative products who wants to sell them to big companies situated across the Globe.

You can send e-mails to various types of industries and customers informing about the service/product you provide and asking them to try out those. With proper strategy and content management and tactics, the e-mail marketing skills with Webursite Technologies will get your business on a dream run and you will have good inquiries like never before. E-mail marketing will help your business expand very quick and enable you to market your product all over the world.


E-mail Marketing at Webursite Technologies...

It's very important to perform the process of E-mail Marketing very properly, strategically and with tactics. If not performed properly, the main issue faced by many doing e-mail marketing on random basis is that 1) The e-mail goes to spam, 2) Content is not attractive enough to lure the customers/recipient in reading the content.

Webursite Technologies has good experience and understanding of both of the above problems. So, we do e-mail marketing in such a way that the Emails are not spammed and content is too good to be ignored.
The following are the Advantages of choosing Webursite Technologies for you e-mail marketing and Business Promotion:

  • Working Set of E-mails provided by Webursite Technologies
  • Most of the E-mails are from the live working websites
  • You get an option to select the target customers. E-mail id's will be provided based on that target customers.
  • You get an option to select the target location. For e.g. Europe, and Webursite Technologies will provide you e-mails in relation to Europe. (i.e. location based e-mail id's are provided.
  • Have a very low chances of going the e-mails into spam.
  • Content writing of the emails and making it appealing for the recipient to read.
  • If in case you have also made website with us, receive the updates regarding the location through which you get visits on you website. (only for some plans combined with Website Development plan you choose.)

E-mail Marketing: The Process...

  • Choose from the variety of plan given below.

  • Select target Location and Customers where you want your product/service to be marketed.

  • Check out the content prepared by us to be send to the e-mail id's provided by us.

  • As per the plan, Authorize Webursite Technologies in sending e-mails or do it yourself by taking the list of the e-mails provided by us.


Find the perfect plan for you.

Rs. 1500/-
• Up to 2500 email Id’s Provided
Two location selection option
Two target buyers selection option
One e-mail content design
• Basic Guidance provided at start
• Action Performed by: Buyer
Rs. 4000/-
• Up to 7000 email I’d provided
3-5 location selection option.
4-5 target buyers selection option
• Up to 5 e-mail content design
• Basic Guidance Provided throughout
• Action Performed by: Partially Buyer / Partially Webursite Technologies
from Rs. 7500/-
• Min 20000 email I’d provided
• Up to 10 location selection option
• Select multiple target buyers
• E-mail content designed as per plan and consensus
Full support for E-mail management
• Action Performed by: Partially Buyer / Partially Webursite Technologies

** marked contains explanation of the particulars of table above
***are the important notes.

***NOTE: If you have made website with Webursite Technologies, you get free upgrade to the Advance Analysis (details about the location from which the visitors come to your website, through which platform, and through what searches.) ***

**We provide you e-mail ids, these e-mail id’s are the ones who can be prospective buyers to your business. It is provided by Webursite Technologies.**

**For instance you are exporter and want to market your product in Wellington, This is one single location. We will provide you e-mail ids of the companies and buyers situated in Wellington.**

**Your buyer may be manufacturer of auto mobile, Chemical Company etc. You will get email ids depending upon the buyer you choose.**

**We will design your e-mail content which you can send to various e-mail ids.**

**Support will be provided to you and it depends upon the plan you select. But don’t worry Webursite Technologies is friendly.**

**E-mail marketing is done by the buyer itself or by Webursite Technologies and it depends upon the agreement and plans you choose.**

Want to make a custom made plan having to suit your needs and your budget.  Contact us and don't think twice. We are friendly and will make out whatever is possible for you from us.

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