How you should pay for your Project??

Advance is very much necessary for us as it keeps us motivated and also gives us a reason to believe that the client is willing to make website with us. So as usual and general business practice, we refrain from starting the work unless we have the advance payment. So, we would generally ask for the advance before starting any kind of assigned work.

It is compulsion in our system and policy set within our organization to receive timely advance which is based on the stage of the completion of the website.

The advance based system works well for both the parties as it has its own benefit to either side, getting the work done quick and paying for the service rendered so far.

The system of advance followed by our organization is:


The Starting Stage: 10% advance of the estimated value of service to be rendered at the start of the project.

Initial Stage: 20% balance once the combination (i.e. Design & User Interface) for your website is selected [or] depending upon any other service selected.

Advance Stage: 50% balance once all the pages and content in relation to the website is under construction and most of the part is prepared.

Last Stage: Balance payment in full and final settlement after the completion of the website and bringing it live under your domain with full functionality.

Note: Apart from the advances above, the cost which is incurred by us and payable by the client(as per agreement) is recovered immediately.

The system of advance mentioned above is what generally followed. The main question of advance payment only arises when we are unsure about the credibility of the person we are making the website. So, In case if your are our client located at the same domain as we are, the payment of advance can be negotiated.

However, otherwise, payment negotiation is also possible. What is required is a bit of efforts on your part to talk to us. Do write to us on our Contact Us page to negotiate or inquire.

Well, there might arise a lot of question regarding the prices and plans and other details regarding the payment.
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Modes of Payment Accepted: