Random Points usually Observed...

The main purpose of this section is to clear all the doubts (of clients and with Webursite Technologies) in relation to many issues faced till now by Webursite Technologies, in the process of making the website, some specific request by clients which cannot be attained, some clarification of the issues which should be solved before hand and other important issues worth focusing on.

You might read the content affecting your interest. The head points are highlighted and so it would be easy to locate the points in relation to your interest and points which will affect the dealing of you and the company.

1) I want to make a website same to one i saw...

There are cases observed where a specific customer coming to us asks to copy and make exactly same website as one mentioned by them. Sometimes, they also ask for some specific design on particular website they saw to be exactly same in theirs.
Well, at these circumstances. We do make the design and function similar to the one mentioned. BUT, we dont copy and do exactly the same. There might be some patented and copyrighted issues which may arise by the use of exactly same function as mentioned. So, as far as being fair is concerned, we straight away deny to our client to copy and make same website. But, we may make certain design appear almost the same as mentioned.
However, it is important to know that not all the contents and design can be copied exactly the same. This might be due to some special development by the developer or it might be unique and would take time in development and design. Some other set of difficulties migh also be inevitable.

2) I want to change my content once agian...

Too much of continues changing of the data and its addition and deletion may discourage us in making website efficiently. There are customers constantly calling us to change a part in the website and calling over to change the part suggested by them earlier. Everything we do is for a purpose. Unless you are knowledgeable enough to understand we recommend you to don’t constantly change the content prepared by us. The content prepared by us may be a result of some S.E.O technique or otherwise. Heavy weight in website will make them slow being another reason for selection of less data and low quality image, obviously not compromising the overall visibility and interface.
We therefore request you to kindly don’t interfere in our hard thought work and spoil the soup. It might lead to additional charges for some extra effort by us pushed by you on certain design area. Specially when the whole website is prepared and after which you ask for few more changes. It takes a whole lot of extra time to incorporate the same.

Addition awaits!!

There would definetely be much more discrepencies to be faced in future. As soon as we think that it is necessary and important for you to know, we would be adding it here.