Quick Info for Reference:

  • Project No: #W2
  • Quoted: INR 12,500/-
  • Time Taken: 1.5Months
  • Website Plan: Advance
  • Domain & Hosting: With Webursite Technologies (Know More)
  • Annual Renewal charges: 2,000/-
    (includes for the cost of domain & hosting which needs to be renewed each year)

Akash Steel Engg Co is well known in supplying the products mentioned in website. So accordingly, and due to the advance plan of the website, we had prepared the content in the website w.r.t the Google indexation, this would improve the ranking on the Google without additional S.E.O plan.
The design is selected in such a way that it gives ready access to the contact details, product details and other on the first page itself. The wordpress website made by webursite has proven to be highly attractive and still running efficiently. We have done it in a way best suits the owner and it's upcoming prospect clients.


Owning to too many changes from the website owner, we could only manage to complete the website as early as 1.5Months. Our target time was 1 month. In the end, the website look was not changed but the contents were (by the owner), this lead to some changes in keywords put by us. This might have affected the S.E.O. of the company and in turn the ranking of the Google.

Want to make similar website? Read ahead...

Have a good look at the website made by us. Go through each page type, there might be several things peculiar to your taste and type i.e. some design which might look better to you.

Now that you know what the website has and what you like in it, you would want to make a site with design almost similar to the one you saw (note that some areas cannot be replicated due to theme specific designs).

Fill in the form describing your requirement giving the reference of design in the website you saw and you want to make. Send us a detailed note of what you want in your website.

We will, as per your specification described, will write to you back mentioning the price of the prospect website and other specification.

Alternatively, you can directly start chatting with us on WhatsApp.